Customer Service

The Clock and Watch Store has over 3000 positive transactions on eBay where we have been a Top Rated Seller since 2011 when they changed their selling requirements. It is very difficult to maintain eBay’s guidelines to remain in Top Rated Seller status. Our customers can shop with confidence and receive the same kind of satisfaction they would have received on eBay only now we have the ability to be more flexible by offering delayed and scheduled shipping, lay-away, payment plans, promotional discounts and special sales events. We strive to offer a quality product with accurate descriptions so there will be no unwanted surprises on your end when you receive your package. We are available 7 days a week if you should have any questions prior to making a purchase, questions about making a purchase or if you need help with your purchase. The Clock and Watch Store offers many other services available as stated below.

Grandfather Clock relocation service/set-up

Grandfather Clock Cleaning Service

Mantel Clock, Wall Clock, Shelf Clock Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Pocket Watch and Wristwatch Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Complete Restoration Service

Detailed Appraisal Service

Authentic Replacement Parts Sales on Antique Clocks, Antique Pocket Watches and Vintage Wristwatches

Clock and Watch Sales on all makes and models of Antique and Vintage Timepieces

We also purchase clocks, watches, parts, tools and store closeouts within the Midwestern United States. We purchase almost anything in the field of horology either by the individual piece or entire collection. The Clock and Watch Store offers a professional and discreet consultation with no obligation service by appointment only.

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